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It will soon be three years that I moved to Scotland and I know that this anniversary marks the end of a cycle of my life. Long forgotten memories are coming back to me in flashes and my emotions are becoming sometimes out of control. A page is gonna get turned and it feels like my past desperately tries to stop me to do so.

It got me thinking a lot about friendship. From all the changes that have happened since I jumped on this plane, losing friends has probably been the most painful. I left and life like i knew it kept going, without me. I live with the guilt of being far and not coming back often, the frustration of sometimes not having enough time in a day to even write a message, and the sadness to have been forgotten by many.

Last May, Sabrina came to visit. A friend from my old life. A friend from before. We travelled around Scotland together, sharing a tent and a ridiculously small car. We talked about the past and the people I used to know. We talked about our lives as they are now and were we want them to go. And we created new memories to cherish once back home, each on our side of the Channel.

Her visit showed me that bridges between then and now can be built. It doesn’t have to be so radical. You definitely can’t take everything with you on the other side, but some might follow you when you’ve given up. I’ll take that, anytime.


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