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  12.05.2016   colaboration, photography   1 Comment

My friend Christopher and I are starting a photo project, CONTREPOINT. It's a photo ping-pong between Oregon and France. Just a date and who posted the picture. Just a way


  9.05.2016   drawing   No comments

I've made a serie of posters, silksreen printed by hand in Bretagne with the precious help of my dear friend Anaïck Moriceau. They are in the SHOP if you want

Scotland soon

  7.05.2016   preparation, travel   No comments

In a little bit less than three weeks, I'm going to Scotland! I will spend three weeks there. The first one, I'm gonna walk the West Highland Way, a 150

It was about time !

  4.05.2016   everyday life   1 Comment

After a couple of years thinking about it, and a few weeks working on it, I finally made it! A brand new website, with a brand new blog! At the