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I moved to Scotland two weeks ago. It’s been absolutely amazing and exhausting at the same time. It takes time for a new life to feel familiar. It takes time to settle. Now I’m looking for a job and I’m walking around the city trying to make it mine.

On my first week-end here, I’ve been on a daytrip to Arran isle. The ferry is less than an hour drive from Paisley (where I live now, next to Glasgow). I love ferries! It reminds me of Norway where they are often the only way to go from places to places. I like their old faded carpets, their atmosphere, drinking coffee and staying outside until I’m too cold.

It was beautiful even if I’ve seen only a little part of the isle. It was a sunny week-end so the ferry was fully booked for cars. Depending on the buses is quite binding. I guess we’ll have to go back to enjoy Arran more!!


  • Sigrid
    29/09/2016, 17:31  Reply

    Wahoo! Best luck for your new life!

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