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Since the first really cold days and the first snow, I’ve been obsessed with seeing the highlands in winter. How frustrating to know that these amazing landscapes are only three hours from home but not being able to have two days off in a row. But last week, the miracle we were waiting for finally happened: a full real weekend! We decided to go to Fort William, driving through Glencoe, one of the most scenic roads of Scotland.

The road follows the West Highland Way, a trail that I’ve hiked last May. It’s insane to cover that distance in a few hours, knowing that it has taken me a whole week to walk it. We drove through all the small towns where I’ve stopped for water and food. A new memory every two hundred metres. I was pointing at everything, showing Jeremi where I’ve camped, had a break, had beers.

On the way up, leaving early morning, the rising sun breaking through the fog gave us amazing lights. The colors were so bright that the highlands seemed on fire. Then, once in Fort William, it was really sunny when we took the cable car to the top of Aonach Mor and had an amazing view. The next day, on the way back home, after a really cold night, the highlands were white with frost and the mountains beheaded by clouds. It felt so good to run out of the car to capture the perfect moment again.

I feel like i’ve seen so much in only two days. I now can’t wait for the warmer days, to drive all around Scotland, to camp, explore, hike and take billions of pictures.


  • Anne-Claire MARLIER
    01/02/2017, 22:14  Reply

    Quel calme dans ces images… c’est beau ! Bravo !

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