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Going to Bourgogne, where my grand-mothers live, has always been important to me. It is even more now that I’m living in another country.

I have these rituals; walking through their houses and garden to see what is new and what will never change, taking the time to observe and remember. I know these places from heart and I’ve taken so many pictures of them. But the light is always different, the seasons change, events happen and I change too.

I’ve always had the feeling that I absolutely need to remember everything, to print every details in my head for the day it’ll all be gone. I guess that’s why I take pictures, so I won’t forget.


  • 15/01/2018, 16:03  Reply

    Merci pour ces images très belles, douces, tendres de ces lieux familiers que tu aimes photographier sans cesse (je connais ça, il faut continuer à le faire).
    A travers le désert immonde des Internets et de ses contenus moches, tu es un oasis. Merci.

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