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About a year ago, I asked Jeremi if, instead of buying each other random Christmas presents, he would like to go to Norway with me and try to observe northern lights. No need to say his answer was an immediate yes, and we started to organise our trip for January 2018.

We decided to go to Laukvik, in the Lofoten islands, in Therese and Rob’s Polar Light Center (thank you Viriginie for the advice!). Therese and Rob are dutch and decided to move to this specific part of Norway to be able to see northern lights and study them. They share their passion every night through conferences and of course, outside observation. Rob will explain to you that northern lights are absolutely no magic but science. Therese will tell you were to set your tripod to capture the best picture. We were lucky enough to stay in the center where they have two rooms for visitors.

When I think about it now, that whole idea was kinda crazy. We only had five days off, two days of travel and three nights in Laukvik. It was the first week of January. We took two flights, drove hours in the dark as the sun never shows up at that time of the year above the arctic circle. The snow was falling so thick we couldn’t see anything and driving was a real challenge when you’re not used to it. Rob’s previsions were not optimistic at all. But. The sky cleared up and for a moment, the time stopped. We saw them. Shy, as you can see on the pictures, but still vibrant. Moving in the sky like a snake. The most amazing reward.

During the few hours of light, we explored Laukvik and its surroundings, all wrapped in layers and layers of warm clothes. We drove to the “big” town of Svolvær where we had brown cheese and coffee and only met a couple of other crazy tourists. Being back to Norway after almost four years was unbelievable and my love for this country is infinite. I’ll go back. Again.


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