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I often say that if you visit Brittany, where I’m from, you’ll understand a lot about me. I’ve grown to be deeply attached to my region and I think my different stays and explorations all through my adult life truly shaped me, my personality, my interests and my values.

I took Jeremi on a two week roadtrip (with a tiny detour by Burgundy) all along the north coast of Brittany, from Saint Malo to the Crozon peninsula, to show him all these familiar places and the breton way of life.

We spent our days on the beach, swimming in the cold sea and reading, watching our skin get tanned. We visited castles and abandoned forts. We ate galettes and croissants in tiny villages. We bought fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. We camped in the shade of trees. We waited for a heavy storm to stop, curled up in the tent until almost noon. We just lived outside for two weeks, with sand everywhere. Sand in the tent, sand in the car, sand in our sleeping bags, sand between the pages of our books.

I love Brittany with all my heart and I often feel that instead of blood, its wild sea runs in my veins. I will always go back.


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