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29 September
I moved to Scotland two weeks ago. It's been absolutely amazing and exhausting at the same time. It takes time
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4 August
So I've been to Scotland a few weeks ago and didn't take time to post about it yet. So many
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Les Others
20 July
I'm really happy and honored the be part of the list of 23 young french photographers to follow selected by
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12 May
My friend Christopher and I are starting a photo project, CONTREPOINT. It's a photo ping-pong between Oregon and France. Just
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9 May
I've made a serie of posters, silksreen printed by hand in Bretagne with the precious help of my dear friend
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Scotland soon
7 May
In a little bit less than three weeks, I'm going to Scotland! I will spend three weeks there. The first
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It was about time !
4 May

After a couple of years thinking about it, and a few weeks working on it, I finally made it! A

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