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  15.01.2018   everyday life, photography   1 Comment

Going to Bourgogne, where my grand-mothers live, has always been important to me. It is even more now that I'm living in another country. I have these rituals; walking through


My parents visited last weekend and we went to Edinburgh. We walked to the top of Arthur's Seat where the wind was so strong that Jeremi and my dad tried


We woke up in the fog but decided to go explore anyway. As you can see on the pictures, it was a pretty good call. Half an hour north from


Still pictures posted as stories on Instagram (6D+VSCO). Afternoon in Dunure, tiny tiny port on the scottish coast, looking for agate on the beach.


Instagram stories number 2. Sunday afternoon in Ardrossan.


I'm gonna start posting here the pictures I post as stories on Instagram. They are shot with my 6D, retouched with VSCO. It's actually a great framing and composition exercise


Sometimes I don't post images on Instagram. But I love them anyway. It was not a cloud, it was a fire / From the window on my way home

It was about time !

  4.05.2016   everyday life   1 Comment

After a couple of years thinking about it, and a few weeks working on it, I finally made it! A brand new website, with a brand new blog! At the