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Glasgow in mjuII

  16.02.2017   photography, scotland   No comments

My parents visited a couple of weeks ago. We've walked around Glasgow and I brought my Olympus MJU II. The cathedral, the necropolis and the botanical garden look beautiful through


  30.01.2017   photography, scotland, travel   1 Comment

Since the first really cold days and the first snow, I've been obsessed with seeing the highlands in winter. How frustrating to know that these amazing landscapes are only three


  23.01.2017   photography, scotland   No comments

Last weekend, we went back to Arran for a day, this time with a car. We drove around all day and I think I've fallen in love with the island!


  18.01.2017   photography, scotland   No comments

Scottish towns in winter are fascinating. I live in Paisley, just outside of Glasgow. I like the sandstones and bricks buildings, the streets of similar houses and their small backyards,


  30.12.2016   photography, publication   No comments

The last issue of Mint Magazine arrived yesterday and I opened the parcel with more excitement than a christmas present. What a substantial publication! I'm really happy and proud to


Last April, I went to Slovenia for Mint Magazine. As this 6th issue is out since a few days, I will finally show you pictures! They've been waiting impatiently in my


  29.09.2016   photography, scotland   1 Comment

I moved to Scotland two weeks ago. It's been absolutely amazing and exhausting at the same time. It takes time for a new life to feel familiar. It takes time


  4.08.2016   photography, scotland, travel   No comments

So I've been to Scotland a few weeks ago and didn't take time to post about it yet. So many things have happened since then! Scotland has definitely changed my

Les Others

  20.07.2016   photography, publication   No comments

I'm really happy and honored the be part of the list of 23 young french photographers to follow selected by the magazine Les Others! It's crazy to have my name


  12.05.2016   colaboration, photography   1 Comment

My friend Christopher and I are starting a photo project, CONTREPOINT. It's a photo ping-pong between Oregon and France. Just a date and who posted the picture. Just a way